Who we are

We’re a team of operators who’ve worked together for over a decade successfully scaling dozens of venture backed companies. Our track record of success includes leading companies such as Bower Wilkins, Bolt Threads, Skybox, Context Relevant, Climate Corp, Udemy, and Sprout Social.

Our leadership team has a diverse background of founding, operating, and investing in companies at the earliest stages.

Our Team

What we look for

We believe it takes more than great technology to fix an antiquated industry. To truly make lasting and impactful change, BUILDERS backs entrepreneurs who combine courage, technical acumen and operational expertise.

Transformative technology has never been more widely adopted than it has in the last decade. However, to make lasting impactful change, entrepreneurs will need more than innovative technology alone to unlock true value.

Because disruption doesn’t happen when a new algorithm is created. It happens when great founders leverage technology and strong operational focus to address customer pain points, acquire customers, drive out inefficiencies, and unlock new business models.

We’re looking to work with founders focused on the intersection of great technology, antiquated industries, and operational excellence. This is what we call the “Evolution of Industry” (Click here to download the whitepaper).

How we help

We’ve spent the last two years building a team of operational experts who work closely with our portfolio companies to help execute on their vision.

We have a team of in-house engineers, enterprise sales personnel, performance marketers, and back office operations to help support our founders.

We’ve worked closely with venture backed companies to help them rapidly scale.